"Our consultancy service reviews all the critical financial, workplace planning and construction triggers on any tenancy you are considering as your future office space."

Test Fit Plans & Project Projection and CAPEX Reports

We recognize the complexities and pit falls of leasing office space in the Gulf Region.  Too often we find our clients have committed to office space without a transparent understanding of the suitability and the costs of accommodation they have leased.  Our experience shows us that more often than not available commercial building stock under-performs against expected international norms.


As part of our commitment to our clients, prior to the signing of a lease, we will work with your chosen real estate vendor to carry out a 'pre-lease due diligence review' of the premises on offer.  This provides our clients with the opportunity to proceed with a full understanding of the commitment they are about to undertake.


* Base Building Reviews

* Floor Plate Review

* Civil Works Review

* HVAC. Electrical Load & Hydraulic Reports

* Test Fit Plans

* Construction Cost Estimates

* Local Authority Approval Conditions & Timelines

* Preliminary Project Delivery Program Estimates

"With this information you are able to take the next steps with landlord negotiations and finalizing your property selection."