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Why do you need the best office designer in Dubai?

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

ALPARI conference room at DMCC

Whether it is a small business or a multinational corporation, a growing emphasis is placed on interior design planning for creative workspaces nowadays. It's no accident, as more and more environmental psychological studies point to the relationships between work environment and efficiency. Because of this, more attention is focused on office planning, ergonomics, and conscious design of the workspace.

A well-designed functional layout and interior space makes work more efficient. For example, for an office, where in an open-plan layout a large team of people work together, having ad-hoc meetings of 3-5 multiple times a day, it makes sense to add “meeting-points” in close proximity of the working area. This way, there is less movement and it is only a short shift for the team members, saving time and making work more efficient.

Microsoft corporate office Dubai

Such solutions are a fine tuning of workflows, which, in turn, greatly contribute to increasing efficiency.

In the initial phase, it is essential that we learn as much as possible about the company's operations and workflows, so that the design team can offer the most suitable solution.

Our experienced team prepares the interior design plans for our customers after accurately assessing their needs.

As you can see, office design in Dubai and in general, isn’t only about planning the space: where to put a table and chair and what colour you should use.

When planning an office space, one needs to understand the brand, the company culture, the habits of its employees and how they use their space.

An open plan office might not work for some companies, but on the other hand, many small offices will not be suitable for others.

Office design in Dubai is as important as the company’s own brand, the name and the logo. You create your office space for 2 group of people: your employees and your customers.

Your employees will come in and work in it daily, they need to feel that the place is functional and a great place to work in, to be inspired. Sometimes, really basic things matter the most, for example where do you put your AC or the pantry for employees. Should a pantry be near the reception area or far away from it? Should it be open space of with closed doors?

Your second group is your customers. An office design in Dubai is like a business card. When customers come to meet you, your office design will reflect your brand. Will it be boring or will it be something that they will remember?

Whether you are looking for a team to design your new office or planning an interior design upgrade of your existing one, feel free to contact us. We firmly believe that listening to our clients requirements and adapting these into a concept, leads to an excellent design.

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