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Office Design - Key elements of Workspace planning

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

After our home, the second most time daily we spend at our workplace. In order to be more productive and efficient it is necessary to have the best suitable conditions.

We already talked about some points why it is so important to create a great office design in Dubai or any other place in the world.

Workspace planning is for your employees, not for your clients.

With workspace planning, the focus is on functionality: how to use and optimize the space in the most efficient way?

Workspace planning has 3 main element:

  1. Space planning

  2. Office design & aesthetics

  3. Meeting points and workflows

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1. Space Planning

The very first step of workspace planning is finding the right balance between ergonomics, layout and size of office and number of people working daily there. A well planned office can even reduce stress, caused by an uncomfortable chair or too narrow working area. A creative office design and a well-executed office planning will inspire people, make them comfortable and more efficient at their job.

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ALPARI Rreception at DMCC

The size of the office desk has to be carefully selected in a way to perfectly fit the assignment done on the given workspace. In case work involves multiple electronic equipment, there should also remain free space for paperwork. Of course, drawers and other paper/equipment holding units are also a necessity.

2. Office design & aesthetics

A key factor in lighting the best, is if the workspace can get some natural light. For artificial lighting, it is important that, in addition to the general lights, there will be always need for desk lamps as well.

In addition to ergonomics, however, the harmony of the working environment is paramount. This creates an individual signature for the whole company, that has an enormous role. Today's offices are primarily a communication tool, reflecting the company's business philosophy. It is a kind of business card for customers, business partners or new potential workforce.

3. Meeting points and workflows

In our modernized era, the technological equipment also takes up more and more space, and this also has to be emphasized in the initial planning stage.

Before starting the design and workspace planning, we need to research and understand the company’s culture and how employees work and create meeting points and flow based on that.

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Several meeting points will enable employees to have quick meetings or even have short discussions, which can improve communication within or between departments. Improved communication means more efficient work at several level.

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At PCG Interiors we know that our projects are only as good as the team behind them, so we have developed a strong line-up of Construction Managers and Site Managers reporting to our Senior Project Manager who collectively afford the required time management to each and every project. Contact us now at +971 4 370 8944 / +971 4 589 6599

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