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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Project Leader - a collaborative expert role in the steering committee for the project delivery process from the point of commitment to workplace change through to the sign off of the project delivered.

  • Leads people throughout the project. Project leader tells people all the basic information concerning the project. He’s always there in case any trouble appears and is a guide for the team in their tasks.

  • Is concerned with the project’s outcome. He’s interested in the effects. The how, why, what for. His aim is to make sure the project is carried in the best way possible. That every detail is taken care of and there are no understatements.

  • Has a vision in which he engages people. He motivates them, gives clues, ideas. He listens to the team, takes care of its needs and pays attention to how the employees feel. He makes sure the atmosphere at work is friendly so the work is being done productively and with dedication.

  • Has people beneath him. Has more freedom than the project manager when it comes to giving orders and controlling people. He’s the main leader of the project and his most important.

  • .Adds value to the project and team. Gives the team’s work a meaning. He makes people feel that their work is appreciated and important. He’s the spiritual support for the team.

The hurdles:

When you decide to set up your office in Dubai or revamp your old office design, you will have to answer certain questions and face problems:

  • Where will your office be, which location, building?

  • Lease agreements, break out clauses.

  • Staff demographics and access to the property?

  • Is the floor plate efficient and suitable for your operations?

  • Test fit plans

  • Is there sufficient power available?

  • How much will it cost to design and fit out your office space?

  • How long it will take from start to finish, moving in with your team?

  • What kind of authority approvals you will need?

  • Space planning, interior concepts, cost estimates?

  • IT / Furniture / Security / Audio Visual vendors?

  • Design & build solution or separate designers and contractors?

  • Who are the best designers and contractors for the project?

  • Do you require a Project Manager?

  • What Forms of Contract of Engagement to use?

And the list goes on ! ………

At first, these decisions can be overwhelming. But step-by-step, you will find that you just need the right people, the right information and all will go as planned.

Interiors PCG (Project Control Group) is owned and managed by Simon Green who has over 35 year experience in commercial design and project delivery of which the past 14 years’ experience has been in Dubai, designing and relocating many of Dubai’s best corporations.

We have found over the years that clients are inexperienced in move management and are having to guess their way around the local processes to reach their end goal of developing their new business platform. This creates uncertainty and cost time overruns, with results that can impact the office performance and effectiveness as an efficient business platform.

What is required is the local knowledge and many relocation projects under your belt… !!

Well … Interiors PCG have this local knowledge and experience, and we have launched

Project Leader as part of our platform of services we are offering to assist companies wanting to locate into Dubai, or relocate their existing offices or remodel their existing offices. We will add years of local expertise to your steering committee team as a collaborative partner guiding your steering committee throughout the process, ensuring that your project is expertly managed through all its phases from the critical first steps through the project lifecycle to the handover.

The steps:

Project Leader in Dubai

For more information on Interiors PCG (Project Control Group) and our PROJECT LEADER services please contact us in Dubai on

Em: simon@interiors-pcg.com / info@interiors-pcg.com

Ph: +971 4 3708944

Mail: PO Box 36190 . Dubai . UAE

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